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In loving memory of

Andrew Dolejsi

wpfb6002f7_06This picture was taken within the last hour of Andrew’s life. Andrew passed away in a tragic car accident on January 13, 2008. His funeral was held on January 19, 2008, on his 27th birthday.

Douglas, our younger son in his eulogy to his brother, captured our feelings of love, and described our irreplaceable loss with an amazing eloquence and compassion.

Andrew loved kids and was fond of animals – especially dogs. He rescued a little dog from an abusive situation and named him Jet. Jet was always by his side, even while he was working at a family business. His beloved Jet is still with us.

In memory of Andrew, and a for five years in a row, we organized an annual fundraiser for the Children’s Wish Foundation. These events were held every January, on, or around his birthday. With your donations, we supported families with possibly terminally ill children, and who were enduring the pain of watching their children suffer.

This year we decided to include in our quest of keeping Andrew’s memory alive his second passion, his love of dogs; therefore, our new charity, Autism Support Dogs, was a natural choice. Andrew was always a guardian of anyone who need a helping hand. Andrew’s autistic support dogs will continue to be his way of extending help to those children who need it most. With your help, we will do our best to help it happen.

In his spare time, Andrew was a successful DJ; his stage name was A+. Many of his friends have been involved with us in making these events happen from the very first one in 2009, and we thank them all for their continued effort.

Loving Family