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Marc Alfonso

Marc Alfonso presented Lad & I with a shield which he wore on his first ambulance jacket, this jacket was passed onto him by another patroller.

Marc is a successful businessman & still dedicates his time to rescue & patrol missions.
I am sure that we will hear of more rescue missions by this amazing young man, he is a hero.


Below are two newspaper articles documenting Marc’s noble spirit and generosity:

Defibrillator in back seat pays off with one life saved
– so far


Marc Alfonso checks out his life saving kit he keeps in his car in Vancouver December 8, 2010. Alfonso is receiving an award for saving a man who was having a heart attack at an MVA in July on Southwest Marine Drive when he used his defibrillator and oxygen.
Photograph by: Ric Ernst, PNG
The defibrillator Marc Alfonso carries around in his station wagon at all times has been used only once. It was July 16, on Southwest Marine Drive in Vancouver when Alfonso, 29, jumped into the chaos that followed a red pickup truck after it hit a power pole and slammed into a retaining wall at Victoria Drive. What happened that day has earned Alfonso and another passerby, Quisha Girard-Lau, a Vital Link Award from the B.C. Ambulance Service. The award, recognizing life-saving actions in a medical emergency, will be presented today.
Langley electrician Lorne Dufour’s heart had stopped and he’d lost control of his truck. He was in cardiac arrest when Alfonso grabbed his $2,300 first-aid kit from his car and found Girard-Lau doing chest compressions on Dufour.
While lifeguard Girard-Lau worked pumping Dufour’s chest, Alfonso put a tube into his mouth, meant to keep the tongue off the back of the mouth so the airway stayed open.

He grabbed his bag-valve mask that was attached to an oxygen tank and put it over Dufour’s face and ventilated him by squeezing the mask, distributing pure oxygen into his lungs. A minute later, Alfonso grabbed his $1,700 defibrillator and shocked the 45-year-old’s heart. Dufour, who is still recovering from the life-threatening heart trouble, knows how unbelievably lucky he was that day.
“My friends say, ‘Buy a lottery ticket,'” Dufour said Wednesday. “I tell them I’ve already won.” He also realizes that “thank you” is about all he can say.
“What do you want me to say?” he chuckled. “He’s a good guy. He saved my life.”
In 2008, after Alfonso’s best friend, Andrew Dolsji, died in a car accident, he swore to himself that he would never be without the training and equipment required to make a difference to someone’s life.
He took countless hours of medical training. He purchased a state-of-the-art first-aid kit that includes the battery-powered defibrillator – and it’s always in his car.
Alfonso sees himself as part of a big team that saved Dufour.
“There were the paramedics .. . a team of doctors, a team of nurses, a team of recovery specialists, everyone contributed to it,” he said.

Mourning friend donates to SPCA

$3,595.76 in wages from part-time job turned over


Grouse Mountain ski patroller Mark Alfonso, 27, is giving what he earned last year to the SPCA in honour of his best friend, Andrew Dolejsi, who was killed last year in a car crash. LES BAZSO — THE PROVINCE
Marc Alfonso wanted to pay tribute to his best friend, who died in a car crash last January. His late friend, Andrew Dolejsi, 26, loved animals, so Alfonso, 27, decided to donate his wages earned as a part-time ski patroller to the West Vancouver SPCA in his friend’s name.
Today he will present the SPCA — the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals — with a cheque for $3,595.76 and a plaque.
“I’m donating all of my wages from last year, basically from May until Dec. 31,” said the Vancouver man, who also put in more than 500 hours on Grouse Mountain as a volunteer patroller in memory of his friend.
“Andrew loved animals,” Alfonso said yesterday. “He was a huge dog lover, but he liked all animals.” The SPCA praised Alfonso’s generosity.
“We’re extremely touched, “ said Kanval Read, who has worked at the West Vancouver SPCA for more than 25 years. “We feel badly for the loss of his friend. And the fact that he is honouring him in this way is absolutely amazing.”
Alfonso is offering a challenge to others to also donate money to the SPCA.
“I would like to challenge other individuals or businesses to match my donation or give what they can to this worthy cause on behalf of Andrew Dolejsi or someone they have lost,” said Alfonso.
The West Vancouver SPCA is located at 1020 Marine Drive. Anyone interested in donating can phone the office at 604-922-4622.
“The fact that he has taken it upon himself to fund raise for us is just fabulous,” said Read.
“Times are hard now and everyone has to cut back and we just appreciate everything that anyone could do.”

A note from Marc:

Eva, Lad, Douglas,

It has been a very difficult 10 years since Andrew tragically passed away. Andrew would be so proud of this event and the life changing support for so many families. Many years ago, on a ski trip with your family to Whistler, Andrew and I made a pact that we would grow up and work on Whistler as Ski Patrollers together.

It has been a long and difficult journey to realize this dream of ours and I was officially hired part-time on the Pro Patrol on Whistler Blackcomb this year.
I hereby wish to donate my wages as part-time Ski Patroller on behalf of Andrew and myself to help all of these families and this cause.