Here is a testimonial from Brock’s family, this partnership took place in December 2019.
Covid 19 restrictions caused major sent back for training & partnering of autism support dogs.
Everyone of you contributed to this success.

Thank you for your support.

Eva & family

Brock & Autism Service Dog Terra

My five-year-old son Brock is exceptionally bright, has a charming smile, loves hugs and snuggle time and is non-verbal. When you factor in Brock’s uncanny escape artist talents, his lightning-fast speed and a complete unawareness of personal traffic safety, we have a problem.

Terra joined us in December, and it feels like she has always been a member of the family. When Brock and Terra travel throughout the city as a duo, I have ZERO fear for his safety. The tethering of the two together has also helped with transitioning from different activities (Terra needs to go home…) and creates a sense of calm expectations.

Terra’s concern for Brock’s safety isn’t limited to when she is working, and she will jump to his needs when she recognizes the urgency. For example, Brock and I took Terra to Nose Hill Park for a walk recently.

Brock was attached to me via a wrist band and Terra was off-leash having a great time. Several bigger dogs were being quite friendly (probably smelt my pocket full of recall treats), and Brock seemed a bit overwhelmed. Terra came running back and interjected herself between Brock and the bigger dogs, giving him the space he needed. She wasn’t far from his side after that, until we were done the walk. Her pack stuck together!

Thank you to the team at BC & Alberta Guide Dogs for giving us the tremendous gift of safety.

Safety and love. I appreciate you more than you know.