Teagan Update – July 2020

It’s Teagan once again, excited to bring you up to date with my adventures. It’s already almost end of July! Can you believe it? Time sure flies when you’re having fun and learning lots of new things. First off, I want you to know I’m doing super well! The Puppy Training Manager and my Puppy Read More »

George Update – July 2020

A big hello from your buddy, George! It seems so long ago that I wrote my last letter. I hope you’re keeping well with all this COVID-stuff over the past few months. First off, I’m happy to report the Training Manager says I’ve been doing ‘fantastic’ in the PTSD Service Dog Advanced Training program. I’m Read More »

Lincoln & Pixie

My 6-year-old son has Autism. He doesn’t understand why he shouldn’t run into the road or wander off, so ever since he was out of a stroller he wore a backpack with a lead that I would hold onto. Read More »

Teagan ‘pup’ date – Nov 2019

It’s Teagan-time for my second ‘pup’ date. Boy, it's hard to believe four months have already gone by. That's me at 10-months-old in my photo. Pretty cute, huh? This picture was taken right after obedience class last week. You'll be proud to know I was super cooperative and my 'sit ' and 'stay' was perfect Read More »

George Update – Nov 2019

Hello there! It's me, George sending my 14 month 'pup' date. I have been one busy fellow and growing daily - all 80 pounds. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures. My Puppy Trainer says I have really matured these past few months. In fact, when the Puppy Training Instructor visited me at home Read More »

Update on Caleb & ASD Cory

I am happy to share with you a short update about our Kidz4Kids sponsored Autism Support Dogs Team. Caleb & Cory, whom you may remember were the 50th Autism Support Dog Team for the BC & Alberta Guide Dogs ASD program have now officially graduated! Read More »