From the Delta Optimist:

“A brother and sister in Beach Grove have been busy raising funds for the Autism Support Dogs organization this summer and their latest event takes place Sunday.

Theoren Dolejsi, 7, and Harlo, 5, will be accepting donations during their coffee/tea/baked goods fundraiser from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at 5834-16A Ave.

The siblings have built their own stand and have done lemonade, drinks, vegetables and bake sales over the summer, raising over $300 of their $500 goal so far.

Their mom, Morgan Dolejsi, said she’s “very proud” of them.”

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Neighbours & strangers brought goodies to help raise more funds.

Morgan, Geof, Lindsay & Ryan, set up front yard with tables, chairs to welcome everyone who stopped by.

Complete stranger sat down, talked & by the time they left, they were no longer strangers.

Children’s grandma brought 2 magnificent Arabian Stallions, (they were in front yard), these 2 beauties are their grandma’s racing horses, she is active, very successful in long distance racing. Please see photos above.

Support dog Waldie (who was at our last event, he was on 7 weeks old that time) was constantly surrounded by adults asking many questions & of course by children with their never ending hugs.

Children’s goal of $500 was not only met, they doubled it!

They raised over $1,000 & spread priceless awareness about role of ASD.