It’s great to share good news and celebrate George’s graduation!

After months of COVID-19 and training, he is now a graduated OSI Service Dog. We’re so proud of him!! I’m sure you’re cheering for him, too.
George can perform all public access and specific PTSD service tasks, he will help with pressure tasks to help regulate anxiety, and will learn to turn on a light switch, which is commonly used for nightmare mitigation to help clients re-orientate themselves. He will perform grounding tasks, which helps his recipient feel safe, grounded, supported and orientated in their environment. George will be working with his recipient in a 52-week program designed to help Veterans and First Responders re-enter healthy community living with a new lease on life.

We require clients to attend training classes twice a week and give them weekly homework with their dogs as they reorient themselves back into achieving simple day-to-day goals. As our clients go through this process we find they often start attending their children’s school events or helping with grocery shopping. These are all amazing victories that are achieved with qualified dogs such as George.

Thank you for your support in assisting George along this journey.
We hope that you will treasure this memorable photo.

Once again, from all of us THANK YOU.

Eva & Family