Hi there! It’s George. Seems like forever since I last wrote to you. There’s lots to catch up on, so curl up in your comfy chair and read on.

You probably remember I am 10 months old. Since my ‘pup’ date four months ago, I weigh a healthy 70 pounds. Yes, I am quite a big boy and the tallest member in my obedience class. My Puppy Trainer says I am a sweet, loving warm-hearted pup with an enormous amount of energy. I am looking forward to be a teenager now that I am almost 1. Bring on the teens!

I have a little friend at home named Ben. He loves to play with his toys, and we get along really well, because I love toys too! Ben is really careful laying his toys out on the floor. I just sit back and patiently watch his every move and never pick up or chew any toys. Well, I wouldn’t want my toys chewed by someone else, would you? However, sometimes when I stand up to look more carefully at the stacked toys on the coffee table, my tail can get a little excited and suddenly make them jump to the ground. I’m glad Ben understands that my size really gets in the way sometimes.

I’ve worked hard mastering the elevator and escalator thing. I am way more confident now and wag my tail along with big smiles to tell everyone I did it!! I am also working on my recall and dog distraction. I know how important it is for me to go immediately when I am called. My Puppy Trainer gives me a pat on the head and tells me I am a very good boy and that she is very proud of me.

I love making her proud.

Dog distraction is really dog attraction you know. It’s so much fun to see my friends in class and dogs we pass by on our walks. I just want to get right in front of them and play. Sometimes, I get very excited and can’t help my loud voice. Yup, my barking voice! I’m working really hard on this with my patient Puppy Trainer. We both need to get through this teenage-phase and practice in lots of busy places!

Going out to dinner with my family is one of my favorite outings. When I was younger, I was really good at finding all sorts of gum under the tables and chair legs and in smelly carpets. But I’ve managed to get over this sticky stuff and all the other food smells in restaurants. ‘Leave it’ is solid. Now, I am just contented to be with my family and rest calmly under the table. They tell me that nobody even knows I am there now!

How many guys do you know who really love shopping? I have to tell you this was a tough one for me, but only for awhile. At 10 months, I can now move very comfortably through Costco, malls and food courts. And my Puppy Trainer doesn’t have to reward me with treats anymore when we’re shopping. I am focused on my Puppy Trainer all the time and even lie down like a pro at the checkout. This is a BIG milestone for a boy who absolutely loves food.

My Puppy Trainer mom says I have a very strong instinct for people who need help. When we visited a park with her 7-year-old nephew and his close friend, the friend had an emotional meltdown. My big heart knew exactly what to do. I stayed right beside her rubbing my head against her hand and nudging her gently. She calmed down really quickly. I think I’m going to like Advanced Training if it means I get to comfort children, or adults who are visually impaired, or experiencing Post-Traumatic symptoms. Keep your paws crossed for me!

I promise to continue to try my best and will share more about my puppy life in October. Your support means everything in my journey to become a Guide Dog or Service Dog.

Thank you!!

Love and lots of tail wags,