Hi everyone!

It’s George here, writing my very first real ‘pup’date since joining my Puppy Raising family in September. I am pretty excited about it and want to thank you for sponsoring me in my journey to becoming a service dog.
It is quite the life being able to go with my foster family everywhere, seeing things and learning things that regular pet dogs miss out on.

I look a lot like a grown up dog now at 6 months old. They say I am almost double my sister Eileen’s size! Sometimes humans around me have to really work to remember that I am still young.

I finally got to start obedience classes. Some of the pups are older than me too, but I hold my own.
I am pretty consistent with my ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘heel’ and ‘come’ commands and really impress everyone with my ‘stay’. I am going to be a super-star in class!

My favorite day of the week is when I get to visit Goldstream Park near our house. I just love to race through the trails that criss-cross everywhere. I never lose sight of my foster dad and always come back and check-in with him. There are humongous trees and waterfalls around every corner and when we walk there I feel so freeeee!

‘Rambunctious’ is a big word I hear from the Puppy Supervisor sometimes. It sounds way too complicated for a pup. I keep thinking maybe it is her name! ‘Rambunctious’ sometimes says I can be a wee bit excitable whenever I meet new people and other dogs. But, there are so many interesting smells about them and they love to play with me. I am good listener and I want to make ‘Rambunctious’ and my Puppy Trainer proud of me so ‘calm’ can be with me more often.

Have you ever played, ‘go get it’? It is one of my faves. I know all my toys by their own special names: ‘Hank’, ‘Barry’ and ‘Moose’. Puppy Trainer hides one of these toys in the house while I wait in the living room. When he says ‘go get it’ I race around to find it, then sit and hold it in my paws until I am called. I race at full speed to show him my toy and he always tells me I am so clever.

I have settled into morning and evening eating routines. I am learning to sit patiently and wait for a whistle sound before eating my food. We puppies in training learn early that it is not okay to eat things that fall off the counter ‘cause’ this could lead to bad behaviours of counter-surfing. But, I do have a problem with refusing food I find on the floor when we visit malls and food courts. Old popcorn, fries and used gum are particularly tasty. When my Puppy Trainer sees I am ignoring these distractions I get much better treats for my cooperation.

Ringing the bell when I need to go outside and ‘get busy’ is working well. (That is the ‘clever’ in me again). When I ring the bell, my Puppy Trainer puts on my leash and takes me outside to relieve myself. The bell is a really important part of my training because a blind or visually impaired person would not see me sitting at the door when I need to go out.

Now that I am bigger and my vaccinations are up to date, I am going for longer walks and exploring malls, grocery stores, restaurants and lots of parks. I have even visited a grade two class wearing my special blue BC & Alberta Guide Dog jacket. At first I wasn’t sure about that jacket, but it sure draws special attention. The kids learned my jacket allows me to go anywhere humans can go, and how to interact with me so I am not distracted when I am in the middle of completing a task or command.

Well, it is time to go outside for our walk. Maybe I can have some off-leash time and play in the snow again.

Thanks again for supporting me. I will make sure I save up some good stories for my next update.

Love and licks from smart, affectionate and adorable,