Hello there! It’s me, George sending my 14 month ‘pup’ date.

I have been one busy fellow and growing daily – all 80 pounds. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures.

My Puppy Trainer says I have really matured these past few months. In fact, when the Puppy Training Instructor visited me at home she was really impressed with my control. I showed her how I could stay on my bed when my Trainer came in the door and also ignore toys and LEGO all over the floor. It wasn’t such a big deal for me though. I love my bed and stuffies!

When I’m focused on an activity I can really follow through and make things happen. Other times I can get a little distracted and act a little too excitable. This is something I’m working on with my Puppy Trainer all the time. She is my champion! I will be the master of me in no time!

My Puppy Trainer also says I have ‘impeccable’ manners. I think that means I don’t leave any food laying around my dish after I eat. It’s way too tasty. I never ask anyone for food during the day or when we have dinner guests and I always go to my bed right after I’ve finished my dinner.

This summer I went to different sports activities with my family. We attended hockey and soccer games, skating lessons and golf lessons. I liked to sit in the bleachers with everyone and try to figure out what was going on. I took in all the action and didn’t even try to run after the soccer balls. Boy, when I was a younger pup that would have been impossible.

We go to many local events to experience different places and meet lots of different people. You’ll be proud to know that in September I participated in the Terry Fox run and walked 5 km. I handled the crowd as calmly as my Puppy Trainer and kept up with her like a pro.

Experiencing different kinds of transportation is also very important training, because I never know where I will be traveling with my future forever friend as a Guide Dog or Service Dog. I had my first experience on the ferry to Vancouver in July on a little vacation. I loved the feeling of the wind in my ears and I can’t wait for my next ride!

Elevators and escalators don’t faze me at all. We stayed in a big hotel in Vancouver after our ferry ride and practised going in and out of an elevator with lots of guests and luggage. Everyone was very friendly and even gave me extra room to sit beside my Puppy Trainer.

It seems pretty normal for kids to run around screaming at the Museum of Science. But no chance I’ll be running with them when I’m wearing my important blue jacket. You see, I’m working when I’m wearing it.
My job is to lay down beside my Puppy Trainer on the floor and be ready to act on her instructions. I know I will get to zoom around later in the day when my jacket is off.

Now my BIG news. I’ve received the green light to enter Advanced Training!

I am so excited and proud. I hope you are too. I am going to begin the PTSD Service Dog program. Yeah! I can’t wait to be matched with a Military or RCMP Veteran.

In February when I send my next ‘pup’ date, I’ll tell you all about the things I’m learning in Advanced Training! In the meantime, keep your paws crossed and wish me luck.
Thanks for supporting the Puppy Sponsorship Program and coming on this life changing journey with me!

Love and tail-wags, George