I am pleased to introduce you to our adorable Golden Retriever and Yellow Labrador cross, RICHEE.

As you can see from photo , he is big, handsome boy!

Richee was born November 21, 2016, to proud parents Kiwa and Grover ( Grover comes to every our event).

His littermates include one brother Fred and two sisters Piper & Joy. Richee is largest oh his siblings.

He is fairly laid back however he must be first to do everything, especially when its meal time!

Richee is a curious, always exploring new things & happiest when outdoors even in colder weather.

Richee will live with his Puppy Trainers in the Greater Vancouver area until he is ready to embark on his advanced training.

He will receive ongoing training to ensure he has the best opportunity for success.

I am looking forward to sharing Richee’s training journey with you!


Eva & family