I am very happy to introduce you to our adorable little black Labrador – Teagan, sponsored by Kitz4Kids.

Teagan and her two siblings were born January 5, 2019, to proud parents Pittsburgh and Oasis. She was generously donated to BC & Alberta Guide Dogs by Guide Dogs for the Blind Inc. Teagan’s name was given to her by Theoren, Harlo & Violet.

Teagan is sweet, feisty and very courageous. The very first day she joined her Puppy Trainer she managed to make it up the back stairs and by day two she mastered going down. She learned ‘sit’ very quickly even when eating. She shows patience while eating and chews every single kibble in her bowl. So far, her favorite game is playing hide-and-seek in the backyard hedges.

Teagan has been placed with her carefully selected Puppy Trainer in White Rock, BC where she’ll live until she is ready to embark on her advanced training adventures. During this time, she will receive ongoing training to ensure she has the best opportunity for success. Teagan’s Puppy Trainer has raised several other pups with BC & Alberta Guide Dogs and is one of our biggest advocates for this volunteer role. Charlie, the family’s 9-year-old chocolate Labrador, has become quite experienced over the years teaching the ropes to new pups. As soon as Teagan has her first set of immunizations, she’ll be out in the community experiencing lots of new situations and environments with her Puppy Trainer. She’ll have lots of puppy playdates and outings with the family’s adoring grandchildren. Wait until she writes about her upcoming camping experiences in future ‘pup’dates!

Teagan’s training will familiarize her with crowds, elevators, escalators, construction and public transit while wearing her BC & Alberta Guide Dogs Puppy in Training jacket, giving her access to anywhere humans can go. She will learn to stop and sit at every curb, staircase and door. She will also learn to ring a bell when she needs to go outside and wait for a whistle to be blown before she eats her meals. This is all part of the discipline training necessary to establish good behaviors from the start.

Teagan will also attend obedience classes every two weeks with other puppies in the training program.

Each puppy has its own personality and talents and not all pups are suited for a career as a Guide Dog or Autism Support Dog. Should Teagan not move forward in her training program, she will be placed in a forever home that positively benefits her needs and the recipient. Kitz4Kids sponsorship would be placed to another puppy, often a sibling or a puppy of a similar age.

We look forward to sharing Teagan’s training journey with you! As she grows, she will be sending you regular updates on how her training is progressing. We anticipate her graduation from the training program around the time she is two years old. Throughout this time, Teagan will be continually evaluated for her final career path as a Guide Dog for someone who is blind or visually impaired, as an Autism Support Dog for a child with profound autism or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Service Dog for a military or RCMP veteran with PTSD.

Thank you everyone again for your support.


Eva & family