Jay has been a very hard working puppy. The last time we wrote to you about his progress was back in October 2018.
At the time, Jay’s playfulness didn’t quite meet Graduation standard to become an Autism Support Dog, but his valuable & excellent skills still qualified him to become a compassion service dog.
I am delighted to report that Jay has successfully completed the 20-week post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Assistance Dog qualification program. This means he can perform all public access and specific PTSD service tasks; is a fully qualified PTSD Service Dog and he has now been paired with a veteran.
Jay helps his veteran with all sorts of thins things like pressure tasks to help regulate anxiety, leash retrieval, and turning on light switches (commonly used for nightmare mitigation to help clients re-orientate themselves after they have been woken up from a nightmare), as well as grounding tasks where a VICD (Vancouver Island Compassion Dog) dog helps them feel safe, grounded, supported and better oriented to their environment.
Jay is now working with a recipient in a 52-week program designed to help our veterans re-enter healthy community living with a new lease on life.
The clients are required to attend training classes twice a week and are given weekly homework with their dogs, as they re-orient themselves back into accomplishing their simple day-to-day goals.
As recipients go through this process, they often start attending their children’s school events or helping with grocery shopping. These are all amazing victories that are achieved with the help, love, and support of qualified service dogs such as Jay.
I have personally met several of these veterans, and their new-found ability to intergrade into society and perform their day to day tasks are a testament to this wonderful program.
Thank you again for your sponsorship and support in assisting dogs like Jay along their journey.
I hope you will treasure this memorable photo.