Here is another testimonial form Jeremy’s parents. Thank you everyone for your support, providing Autism Support Dogs is successful program.

Eva & family.

We’ve definitely noticed a lot of changes in Jeremy since getting Ginger. But the biggest change is his sleeping. Falling and staying asleep has always been very hard for Jeremy – not being able to turn his brain off, having anxiety about the weather outside, different noises, being alone, etc.Before Ginger, many times it would take hours before he would finally fall asleep. But since getting Ginger, just having her in the room beside him has resulted in Jeremy not only falling asleep quickly but staying asleep all night. Her presence is calming for him and that’s made such a difference for the entire family. We are all sleeping better.
The two have bonded like glue. Jeremy loves to play rope with her, he feeds her every day and really enjoys the responsibility of having a job to do.

But it doesn’t end there.

Family outings so much better with Ginger in our lives. With Jeremy tethered to Ginger, it takes away the stress and worry of him wandering off.
In the past, it was rare for us to take Jeremy to places like the grocery store. Not only was the store a sensory overload, causing him to have anxiety, but it was stressful for us trying to keep an eye on him – making sure he didn’t wander off when we were trying to finish our errands.
The difference is like night and day when it comes to taking Jeremy to places like the store, now that he has Ginger to hold on to. His anxiety is so much better, as is ours.

We look forward to Ginger accompanying Jeremy to school. We hope she will be a calming presence for him. We’ve already taken her to the school and all of Jeremy’s classmates love her.
When Ginger is working she is calm, focused and does her job perfectly. When Ginger is not working she is a playful happy goofball. She lives to play with her rope and chew her bone. Her favorite thing is to go to the park and play Frisbee. She would do it for hours if we let her.

Ginger has been an absolute blessing to our entire family and we are so thankful to have her in our lives.