Last November Kyle was partnered with Autism Support Dog Rufus, bellow is testimony from Kyle’s parents. Thank you everyone for your important part in this successful partnership.

Eva & family.

Kyle and Autism Support Dog Rufus.

With Kyle we faced extreme meltdowns, and episodes of running away from his school and after-care, every day we lived on edge and in fear that something terrible would happen to him.

Our Rufus arrived in November and the bond was immediate. Shortly into their relationship, Kyle said that Rufus was his best friend. For the first time ever, Kyle felt feelings that he didn’t have to mimic or learn. He was truly feeling friendship and acceptance because Rufus loves him regardless of how he behaves.

Since Rufus, Kyle has not run away from school once. His confidence has grown, and his social skills have blossomed. He had his first haircut without running away and we even had our first dental appointment without stress, anxiety and bolting as Rufus lay across Kyle’s lap in the chair. Everyone is amazed with how far Kyle has come in such a short time.

We are beyond thankful for this life-changing gift. The stress in our family has lessened immensely and we are laughing again and loving again in our home. Most importantly, Kyle is laughing again and figuring out who he is. We could not be more thankful to the volunteers who helped to raise Rufus, the donors who sponsored his training and everyone at BC & Alberta Guide Dogs. In order to show our gratitude, we now sponsor a puppy, Red. Other family members have been so amazed that they are also sponsoring a puppy. Thank you to all, keep doing what you do!!

Keep well and safe.