On Saturday we held our annual picnic in Jericho beach where we have bench dedicated to Andrew.
Our two nephews have children, ages 9, 8 & 5.

None of them met Andrew, but they hear many stories about him from their parents & also about our annual fundraiser in Andrew’s memory, dedicated to children living with autism & amazing results that autism support dogs provide.

Last month they decided that they want to also help.
They build their own lemonade stand ( of course parents helped) & proceeded “ educating ” neighbours about autism.
They live in Tsawwassen.

  • In first 2 weekends they raised $60!
  • Following weekend their grandmother provided fresh vegies from her garden & raised additional $45!

I am bursting with pride not only for their love for Andrew but also for their compassion about living with autism & work by ASD.


Eva & family