Autism service dog training continues with major adjustments to comply with COVID 19 protocols. Physical distancing will delay future partnerships, but a few lucky ones did partner up in the past few months.
Here is heartwarming testimonial from Lincoln’s Mom.


Lincoln & Pixie

My 6-year-old son has Autism. He doesn’t understand why he shouldn’t run into the road or wander off, so ever since he was out of a stroller he wore a backpack with a lead that I would hold onto. It worked well until he got bigger and people started staring at us and I became self-conscious.

My sister-in-law told us about BC & Alberta Guide Dogs and we went on the waitlist. A little over 2.5 years later, we were matched with a dog. Pixie was well worth the wait!

My son loves her and gives her hugs and kisses, and she relaxes and calms him. Lincoln feeds her every day and it gives him a sense of responsibility. She loves to play so my kids play fetch and tug with her. We go on nice walks and go hiking. We bring her everywhere!

Lincoln is completely safe attached to Pixie. She knows what to do when he stops suddenly or bolts. When Lincoln’s hooked up to Pixie with her special vest on, people don’t see a boy that’s different and can’t be controlled or a mom that can’t keep her son safe without a leash – I feel like people see the vest and there is more understanding, which we need sometimes.

Thank you everyone for giving us Pixie.

Love Lincoln & family.