In March 2016 Kitz4Kids submitted the name “Grace” for female puppy among 3 other names.
Many of you may recall our excitement in June 2016, when we received news that one of the puppies born in April 2016 was named Grace, she is a yellow lab.
I am proud to announce, that Grace has successfully completed her training & after a few months was partnered with Carson!
Thank you for your support & ongoing generosity, you are part of this success.
Bellow is a testimonial from a parent about Carson’s miraculous improvement. Thank you.



We cannot imagine life without Grace. She has changed our world in more ways than you can imagine.

Before life with Grace, Carson was five and still in diapers. But for some reason, a month after Grace joined our family, Carson decided he was ready to try the toilet – and is now diaper free!

We live in an area with lots of parks and fields, but sadly, Carson could not walk to them without tripping or bolting into traffic. He also did not have the muscle tone to walk, even though it was only five minutes from our house. The therapists suggested I start looking into an adult wheelchair or stroller for him – but again Grace changed our world. As soon as Carson was attached to Grace, he began walking at such a calm and steady pace and the tripping stopped. Now he walks everywhere multiple times a day. Carson not only walks to the close park but walks to the farther bigger parks, and loves it!

Before Grace, Carson could not sleep. Numerous times a week he would only be able to sleep for about three to four hours a night. The therapists and doctors felt he was just so overwhelmed with life and his surroundings that he could not settle to sleep. We tried different medications, but they always left him groggy and it would take such a strong amount to work. Now, as a result of walking with Grace, and her gift of calmness, Carson has been sleeping a solid 8-9 hours a night!

Grace has brought such peace and fun into our lives. We thank her puppy raisers for doing such an amazing job! Grace and I like to go to the dog parks and on hikes together. She loves being with the other dogs and it has become one of my favourite times of the day.

Thank you.