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Donations Final: $15,000

Thank you for your support!

On behalf of our family, I am happy to announce that this year’s 9th annual Kitz4Kids fundraiser in memory of Andrew Dolejsi raised just over $15,000 for the Autism Support Dogs program!

Your support was instrumental in achieving this great result and we wish to extend our most heartfelt thanks to you!

All of us who attended this year’s event were very proud of the fundraising done over the past year by our young Dolejsi’s Theron, Harlo & Violet, who raised $1,818 through their homemade lemonade stand and bake sales. Their compassion and their dedication for spreading awareness for Autism Support Dogs’ work to other children & adults is truly remarkable.

A very special thank you also goes out to their parents Geof, Morgan, Ryan & Lindsay.

We were also very touched by the words of Heather Stevens, the ASD mom who spoke so movingly of her 2 autistic boys, Sawyer and Ryker, and the miraculous changes in her life that Roman, their autism support dog, has brought into their lives. We try our best to express how valuable an asset these amazing dogs are, and her words truly embodied what this whole evening was about.

Thank you once again and we hope that you will join us again next year, January 19th, 2018.

Eva, Lad, and Douglas.

Photo credits: ph-pictures