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Donations Final: $45,587

Thank you for your support!

What a fabulously successful evening!

The buffet was mouth-wateringly delish, the band was toe-tappingly entertaining; the parent-representative Bob Charbonneau, brought renewed confirmation in his moving testimonial of the immeasurable value Autism Support Dogs have in changing the lives of children and families living with Autism.

The MC was a debonair, as always; and the comedian was freshly funny and, almost, PG.
There were two special highlights of the evening:
Presentation by the Schmelke Family Charitable Foundation donating $20,000, their generous contribution is big part of our grand total raised January 19, 2019.
Our heartfelt thanks to the Schmelke Family for choosing Kitz4Kids to be recipient of their generous donation.
When Violet, Theoren & Harlo, the youngest Dolejsi’s took stage, these three beautiful, confident, natural-performers stole the show and with their $6,000
raised during the year, their Lemonade Challenge at the evening resulted in almost $3,000 in mere minutes – making their total donation on this night $9000!

Your support was instrumental in achieving this great result and we wish to extend our most heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you!


Eva, Lad, and Douglas.