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Donations Final: $43,150

Thank you for your support!

The 12th Annual Kitz4Kids charity evening at the River Rock Casino Whistler Ballroom, on Friday, January 18th, 2020, was a another beautiful tribute to Andrew Dolejsi.

The event, hosted by his loving family and friends and attended by several hundred generous supporters, was a smashing success.

After a delicious dinner, the crowd enthusiastically boogied the night away to the toe-tapping music of Dr. Strangelove the six-piece ensemble band. In addition to the silent auction where bidders quietly vied to out-do one-another, a new-and-talented auctioneer, Alex Briglio, engaged the audience in a live-auction where there was a friendly but frenzied competition for the fabulous items.

Growing taller every year, the three Dolejsi children – Harlo, Theoren and Violet 9, 10 and 12 years old respectively – entertained with a presentation and challenge: which gender is the most giving, the men of the audience or the women! It was a close and very generous race. Their Lemonade Challenge raised $ 6,177.25!

Hearts grew in size and awe, listening to our guest speaker: Heather Minchinton’s personal story of the changes she experienced when her son Caleb was partnered with Autism Support Dog: Cory. In every respect, reinforcing our belief that supporting Autism Support Dogs is a very worthy cause that makes a profound difference for families who cope daily with the challenges of autism. We were delighted by attendance of Caleb, his Dad and Cory.
We continue to be incredibly grateful to the generosity of all those who attended. And, a very special thank you to Schmelke Family Charitable Foundation for their generous $20,000 donation.

The final total that was raised this year for Autism Support Dogs in Andrew’s name is over $43,150.25

Thank you everyone.

Eva & Family