Dear Eva,

Congratulations to another successful fundraising event you organized. We had a great time that evening.

I have a piece of encouraging news to share with you. After chatting and talking to those experienced guide dog trainers, my friends have decided to meet with the puppy training group next week in Ladner.

They are seriously considering to adopt and train a puppy guide dog. Both of them are dedicated educators. Last week’s event hit home because they are both retiring, and yet, they have another way to contribute to those needy students who can tremendously benefit from autism support dogs. I can totally see that happen and think that they can continue to do this with their dedication in the education field.

Eva, the job you have done is far beyond the money you’ve raised.

You have increased the awareness of ASD in the society. You cannot imagine how far your hard work is reaching in making a positive influence in autistic children’s lives.

Thanks again for the event, and thank you for sending the nice pictures!

Warm regards,