Hello there! It’s me, Richee!

I am the handsome little fella you are sponsoring to become a life-changing dog. I am excited to write my first update letter to you!
After I was born, I spent the first couple of months with my mom, Kiwa and my siblings. It was then time to start my great adventure and meet my Puppy Trainer. She was super excited to meet me and become a first time Puppy Trainer. My Puppy Trainer is a huge animal lover and is really-smart – she is working on finishing her Master’s Degree! Hopefully she will provide me with helpful study tips for when I enter puppy college. She is very active and enjoys watching and participating in many sports. Her favorite sports to participate in are running, skiing and horseback riding. She also enjoys watching baseball and in the future, I may have the opportunity to watch a professional game in the United States!
Wow – I’m sure thankful that my Puppy Trainer has fit being my Puppy Trainer into her busy schedule.
I am a 24-7-around the clock-job-and volunteer commitment.

It took only a short while for me to settle into my Puppy Trainers’ home. She immediately showed me her big backyard that is absolutely paw-feet for an active pup like me. Inside my new home, I immediately went on a mission and located my comfy bed and water dish. Being a young pup, I tend to sleep a lot, and with sleep come puppy growth spurts (which I will tell you about in more detail later)!
I sure am excited to grow up in my new home for the next year.

I have settled nicely into morning and evening eating (and relieving!) routines. I am learning to sit patiently and wait for a whistle sound before eating my food. I am also learning to stay out of the cooking area of the kitchen.
We puppies in training learn early that it’s not okay to eat things that fall off the counter as it may lead to bad behaviors of ‘counter surfing’. My Puppy Trainer tells me it’s important to establish good puppy manners!

My Puppy Trainer also tells me I am a quick learner and a very smart boy. It helps that I am confident and keen to learn the ropes of what it takes to be a working dog. I am learning the commands of ‘leave it’, ‘sit’, ‘off’ and ‘down’. I am also learning to ring a bell when I need to go outside and ‘get busy’ – if you know what I mean! When I ring the bell, my Puppy Trainer puts on my leash and takes me outside to relieve myself. The bell is a important part of my training because a blind or visually impaired person would not see me sitting and waiting at the door when I need to go out.

My Puppy Trainer is amazed at how fast I have grown!
I am quite tall and am bigger than most dogs my age. In fact, I am bigger than most dogs that are older than I am! When I was younger I was carried everywhere, especially when I was outside. As you can imagine, my Puppy Trainer had her arms weight training cut out for her. Now that I am bigger and my vaccinations are up to date I am going for longer walks and exploring more territory on my own four paws! Because I grew so fast I was a bit clumsy and awkward at first. Thankfully I am growing into my furry body and have sorted out the coordination issues.

I am an extremely friendly chap and love meeting people and other furry friends. Sometimes on our walks I tend to become distracted by other pups. When we are walking along nature trails or hiking along the Pacific Spirit Regional Park, I also tend to pull on the leash when my curiosity gets the best of me. I am intrigued by bits and pieces on the ground and will scavenge for items. In particular, I have a stick fetish. My Puppy Trainer encourages me to ‘leave it’ and to focus on my obedience and training. She reminds me I will have playtime after our walk and have plenty of opportunity to meet new friends at off-leash parks.
After a day of adventures, I enjoy quiet time and snuggling with my Puppy Trainer. I give her gentle kisses as my way of saying thank you for all the love and attention.

Well, I am going to sign off for now as my Puppy Trainer is getting my leash out and we are heading to Kitsilano Beach. Thank goodness, the sun is finally shining! I hope you have enjoyed reading my first ‘pupdate’! Thank you so much for your support of the Puppy Sponsorship Program and for coming on this life-changing journey with me!

Love Richee