Hello everyone. It is me – Richee, checking in with an update for you.

My Puppy Raiser is out of school now, so I am happy that I have no more classes to sit through. Although I was generally pretty good, it was a bit boring.
I have been going to Ronald Macdonald House to see some children on a regular basis and I am really good with them. The smaller the better!
I am very patient and gentle with them, which surprises people as I am pretty big.

I am still struggling a bit with some training issues so am working on those. Sometimes my mom wonders if I will ever get over them. I am also a bit crazy with bugs etc. and will do anything to get away from them.

I am working very hard on dog distraction and jumping up and barking in the house. I think I am a guard dog and like to alert my mom to every noise in the alley, but apparently that is not allowed. We have had a few discussions about it and I am trying very hard to follow through.

Apparently, there are some summer plans in store for me, including going to Calgary and hopefully the Calgary Stampede. That sounds exciting, even though I have no idea what that is all about. I am sure looking forward to these new travels and adventures.

I am doing well in obedience classes and really like going there. I am now learning how to put my jacket on by putting my head through the neck when it is held out for me.
All my age group have learned the basic skills of obedience, and so now are trying to perfect them all. We have added an agility course to obedience for something different and I really liked that. There is a teeter-totter in the course that I did without a problem. What fun!

I must tell you I have a couple of health issues they are trying to sort out for me. I am sometimes a bit slow and lethargic which they want to check out and make sure that everything is OK. Overall, I do not seem sick but am looking forward to the Doctor’s results.

Well, that is all for now. I am off for a free run now down by the beach. I have a few friends that meet there once in awhile, so it should be fun.

Thanks so much for your support and sponsoring me. I am trying my best!

Love and licks,