It’s me, Richee again & I have lots to tell you.

I have been working hard on my training. Sometimes I find things a little boring. But they tell me that even if I am doing it perfectly, I still need to practice. I love to go out and wear my jacket, as I am treated like a “special” guy, which of course my trainer thinks I am. I am really trying hard with my distractions, especially squirrels – I just cannot stop looking at them!

Since I last checked in, I have gone back to university with my trainer. I am getting better at settling in her classes. The classes are really boring for me – sure hope she is learning something!!!

I go just about anywhere you can imagine now, as I am up for the challenge of learning new things. I am pretty good about most things out and about but do not really like to be left alone for any length of time.

I also seem to be getting into trouble for playing “keep away” with my trainer when we are out for a nice run. I grab a stick and then the game begins, but as Matthias is now telling me – that is not correct. I guess I will need to really work on that one, as it makes my trainer pretty upset with me.

I had a trip to Ontario with my trainer at Christmas, which was pretty exciting. I am a master at flying and just lie down, chew my bone and enjoy the ride. I have a few friends back there, so we got together for quite a few romps in the snow. That white stuff sure is a lot of fun!!! The temperature however, is a different thing. -20 is too cold even for me. I wore boots to protect my feet from the cold and the salt that they put on the ground.

I was very good with the boots on and it made walking in the cold bearable! How do those people live in that all the time???? Vancouver is definitely the place to be!

A long with the family visits I got to meet a cat.
That was interesting – and we worked things out between us as to how to behave.

Now, the thing that swims around in water called a fish, is a different thing. I barked at that and, try as I might, could not figure out what was going on. I like the water, but to just swim around under water all day – what is he thinking?

Well, I must go. Apparently, we are off to do a little training. It is not raining now so that is good for me.

I will check in again in a few months.
Thanks so much for supporting me. I hope I can make you proud sponsors at

the end.