This is another heartwarming testimonial , it is very comforting to know that our collective support brings much needed help & happiness to children living with autism & their families.

Eva & family.

Ryley and his autism support dog Beau

Beau has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is a special friend and safety net for our son, Ryley. Since being paired with Beau, Ryley has a newfound sense of independence and pride. Going out in public, whether to a sporting event or grocery store, Ryley is tethered to Beau and is able to walk alongside him, instead of always with either Mom or Dad! Being tethered to Beau has also really helped Ryley understand his boundaries. He doesn’t seem to feel the need to dart off or even pull. We can stay at the soccer field (with ease) for the entire game now. It has taken a lot of the stress of keeping Ryley safe off our shoulders. Having Beau has helped us to be able to focus more on our other children, while out in public, instead of it just being Ryley.

Beau has also made transitioning to bed much easier. Ryley has his nightly routine in which Beau is a part of. Beau is also his companion in bed, which helps him to calm and feel safe. Someone used to lie down with Ryley for hours in order for him to go to sleep. Now we rarely have to do that anymore.

Beau gives Ryley some of his own responsibilities, like feeding time! Beau loves to be fed and (with our guidance) this is Ryley’s job. It has been a great bonding activity. Ryley is the only one of the kids to give Beau his meals or treats and this has helped Beau to know exactly who his most special buddy is!! Because Beau has a large family with four kids in total, and there’s always something interesting going on, he’s one happy dog! For fun he loves to get out for runs, play fetch and play with other dogs at the dog park. Beau is Ryley’s special friend, but we all love him so very much. We are thankful for the freedom Beau has given to our son and to us. Ryley is proud of his dog and it’s really heartwarming to see.