It’s Teagan-time for my third ‘pup’ date.

Hello there!

It’s me, your sponsored pup, Teagan. Can you believe I’m already 14-months-old?

Things have been a little busy at BC & Alberta Guide Dogs the past few weeks because of all this COVID-19 stuff, and it’s taken a little longer to send you my ‘pup’ date. Glad you will finally enjoy all my news.

My Puppy Raiser and I are a great team. We’ve been ‘on the road’ a lot the past four months. All this socialization is important to build my skills in adapting to new places, situations and noises. We attended the Sevenoaks Walking Club’s annual breakfast, for example, and shared our appreciation for their member’s generous donations to BC & Alberta Guide Dogs. They’re my kind of people because they enjoy fitness, fun and friendship!

In December, my buddies and I walked in the annual New Westminster Christmas Parade. What a blast! We showed everyone our excellent loose-leash walking skills and wore funny hats and scarves. Boy did the bystanders cheer and praise us along the way. I think they learned a lot about our training and important blue jackets.

Do you remember in my last ‘pup’ date I mentioned my bothersome eye? Well, I’m now 100% since my December surgery! I’ve been cone-free for months and feeling great. My Puppy Raiser says I’ve become a very calm sweet girl. Whenever her granddaughter visits, I walk over and curl up in her lap, waiting patiently for her hug. When visitors arrive, I always make them feel welcome by picking up a toy to share just in case they want attention (or want to play). Then I wag, “Hello”, from the tip of my tail to the top of my nose.

My Puppy Raiser has a special name just for me. It’s “Sweet Tea”. She’s MY champion! She shares endless patience and support and I adore making her proud. I’m determined to move into Advanced Training after all this COVID-19 business is finished. In the meantime, I’ll continue practicing all my skills with her so I can pass with flying colors.

The Puppy Training Manager is also very proud of how I’ve progressed, especially since my eye surgery. He said I did an excellent job during my recent assessments. Yeah, Teagan!

I’m working on holding my ‘downs’ and ‘sits’ at curbs, right now.

I’m a superstar at ‘bed’ and ‘free’ when asked to move off my bed. These are very important commands, especially when I’m living with my future forever friend. I went on a puppy-swap for two weeks when my Puppy Raiser was on vacation earlier this year. I lived with an experienced BC & Alberta Guide Dog boarder who is also a teacher.

I enjoyed going to school every day with her. The children were super silly, but I showed them how I could stay ‘calm’ even when they weren’t. Some days when we returned home from school I’d also helped change bedsheets. How did she know one of my favorite places was lying in the middle of sheets and blankets on the floor? These days things are sure different at 7:00 in the evening.

We live near a hospital where there’s an awful lot more noise lately. Seems pots and pans aren’t used only in the kitchen. People are banging on these outdoors too! The noises don’t bother me at all though. I just sit and watch it all through my window – where it’s safe.

My training has changed in the past few weeks because of that COVID-19 creature everyone is keeping away from. We walk on-leash at parks but not close to others. Sometimes I go for a good run with my buddies Dewling and Willie at Tynehead Park, where there are lots of wide trails. No more mall visits for now.

I’m sure everything’s going to be ok, even though that mysterious creature is hiding somewhere. I see big hearts in windows throughout our community. That means love is everywhere. Love is brighter and bigger than anything as dark as that creature. Keep sharing your love!

Thanks for your support and for cheering me on throughout my training. I promise to do my best. I’ll keep up my journal and look forward to sending you another update in July.

Your buddy,