It’s your sponsored puppy, Teagan, sending you a 6 month-old puppy, ‘Woof’. I feel super special you’ve been waiting patiently for my first ‘pup’ date.

You probably remember I was born in California and came to BC & Alberta Guide Dogs from the kind folks at Guide Dogs for the Blind Inc. When me and my siblings arrived we were scooped up by our Puppy Trainer and covered with affection. I think I was the luckiest pup of the litter because I am super-loved ALL the time. My ears stand up when I hear that I am a terribly cute fun pup, sweeter by the day.

I have settled nicely into morning and evening eating and relieving routines, and learning to sit patiently for a whistle sound before eating my food. I love my kibble, and when I was a wee pup, took my time to chew every one as I sat sweetly beside my bowl. Now that I am MUCH bigger, food just disappears at mealtime.

I am a very adventurous, brave girl and on the first day in my new home I learned how to climb up the stairs. Then on the second day, I tackled going down. I was very curious to check everything out and didn’t let those stairs get in my way.

I also had to learn all about ringing the bell to let my family know I had to go outside. I quite like the bell when I need to ‘get busy’ and make sure everyone can hear it throughout the house.

I have started to go to obedience class and am doing very well learning the commands: ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘leave it’ and ‘off’. ‘Sit’ and ‘down’ are my favourite. I have even learned to Bow! Most of the time I am spot on with these commands, but once and awhile I get a little distracted and would rather be playing with the other pups.

It is really important for me to explore new places in my training. Now that I am bigger and my vaccinations are up to date, I am going for longer walks and exploring more territory with my own four paws! I have visited coffee shops, grocery stores, malls, and restaurants. I have even tried escalators at the Coquitlam Centre, but to be quite honest I found it a little scary the first time. A few days later we decided to visit IKEA and try their moving ramp so I could get a little more practice before trying escalators again. Well, no luck using a broken ramp, so we went straight to the escalator and I walked on like a boss. Yes!!

I even went on my first camping trip a few months ago. What a new adventure! I just loved our daily long walks, new smells, and meeting new people and animals. The tall grass filled with dandelions over my head was a blast to run through. I’ll let you know how our next camping trip goes, for sure.

Me and 22 of my buddies from BC & Alberta Guide Dogs walked with our very best behaviour in the Ladner May Days parade. I hope you saw me and waved. There were so many people clapping and cheering us on as we walked by wearing our winning parade ribbons. I got the biggest ‘good girl’ from my Puppy Trainer and she was SO proud of me.

My buddy Alice and I visited Irma Stevenson Elementary School in Surrey and taught the students all about our training and future graduation. We looked official wearing our special blue jackets. The kids were super good listeners and waited very patiently before they could come and pet us. We tried our very best to cooperate walking between 3 different classrooms, but to be honest, after the 2nd one we just wanted to run outside and play.

I hope you like my photo. I just love flowers, especially yellow ones, as you can see. When the Puppy Training Supervisor assessed my training at Home Depot awhile ago I discovered they had lovely flowers too. He was pretty pleased with how well I was doing, until I saw some colourful hanging flower baskets on the way out. I just had to grab a mouthful of those yellow tender flowers before he could stop me. Everyone knows girls just love flowers!

It’s time for me to head out to Alice’s house for a play date. I hope she has a nice garden of flowers we can play in.

Signing off for now.

Thanks a lot for supporting me and the Puppy Sponsorship Program. I’ll have lots more interesting news to share in November.

Love and licks,