It’s Teagan-time for my second ‘pup’ date.

Boy, it’s hard to believe four months have already gone by.
That’s me at 10-months-old in my photo. Pretty cute, huh?
This picture was taken right after obedience class last week.

You’ll be proud to know I was super cooperative and my ‘sit ‘ and ‘stay’ was perfect even though my buddies wanted to visit with me.
I’ve worked hard to master elevators, escalators and stairs so far. I’m also really reliable when it comes to walking along busy sidewalks or streets in the city. It’s no big deal for a pre-teen like me. This summer I experienced traveling on a water taxi. I was a little shaky with my first attempt. But, I wasn’t going to let those waves get in the way of me seeing my 3 buddies.
We got off at Granville Island and spent a few hours shopping with other Puppy Trainers. Lots of people noticed us parading in our blue jackets and some even stopped to learn more about BC & Alberta Guide Dogs and our training.

On the way home, I hopped on that water taxi like a pro. What an adventurous day. Did I ever sleep soundly on the Skytrain and bus when we traveled home.
After mastering the water taxi, my Puppy Trainer and I traveled on a big ferry to Victoria. She said I was as “good as gold”.

It’s very important I visit lots of new places, attend events and meet different people throughout my training. This also helps me practice being in control, staying calm and being confident.
Our trip to Victoria included a performance called, “Mamma Mia”, for example at dinner I stayed ‘close’ to my Puppy Trainer under the table and snoozed the night away.
A few guests told my Puppy Trainer they couldn’t believe how calm and sweet I was during the performance. They even invited me back! I’ll go, but only if my Puppy Trainer says I have to.
I’ve discovered I’m a camping-pup. Yippee! I had a blast in September at a lakeside campground. I romped along the shoreline while our house-dog Charlie practised swimming and retrieving sticks.
Swimming in the water is a no-no for us pups-in training. I wasn’t disappointed at all and chose the trails and shoreline before Charlie could say, “swimming”.
I can’t forget to tell you about our visit to the Tsawwassen Legion for a BC & Alberta Guide Dogs and the New Westminster Youth Ambassadors fundraiser. Me and my buddies showed everyone our very best manners. I think we melted a few hearts with our cuteness too.

To be honest, I wasn’t out in public all the time the past 4 months. You see I have a little problem with my eye. I had to wear a cone to help it heal so I stayed close to home with my Puppy Trainer.
Instead of going to obedience class we walked nearby trails and practiced dog and people distraction exercises. That’s why I am so calm when we visit new places now.

Did you see me on TV in October? 19 dogs had a chance to learn more about security and boarding planes during YVR’s puppy familiarizations tour. Boy am I glad I’m a pro at ‘recall’, ‘sit and stay’ and ‘stand and stay’.

There were lots of people in the lineups and activity in the security area. I even had to sit on my own when my Puppy Trainer went through the scanner machine. I never took my eyes off her! I also sat ‘close’ on the airplane when we practised boarding. I did a great job keeping my Puppy Trainer safe and relaxed. She said I took everything in stride and was even more at ease than some older more experienced pups.

Well, it’s about time for a game of tug. Maybe Charlie will play with me and we can both burn off some energy.
I’ve learned that mouthing a tug toy is a much better choice than mouthing my Puppy Trainer’s hand.

Thank you so much for loving and supporting me through my puppy-training so far. I promise to make you proud.

Signing off with Holiday Greeting licks for you, your friends and family.

Stay tuned for my next ‘pup’ date March 2020!

Your buddy,