It’s Teagan once again, excited to bring you up to date with my adventures.

It’s already almost end of July! Can you believe it? Time sure flies when you’re having fun and learning lots of new things.

First off, I want you to know I’m doing super well! The Puppy Training Manager and my Puppy Raiser are both very pleased and optimistic about my achievements for future Advanced Training.

I hope this makes you smile too! I was a pretty busy girl working on my socialization skills in public places early March, before all this COVID-stuff happened.

Kennedy Seniors Centre in Delta was an awesome experience visiting with my other pals-in-training. Of course, we were on our best behaviour as BC & Alberta Guide Dog ambassadors, and rewarded with snuggles and pets.

I also attended a High Tea at Vancouver International Airport. (‘Sweet Tea’ went to High Tea! Maybe a theme for a future Teagan story?) Of course, I didn’t ask for any delicious goodies from the table and waited patiently underneath. A few children in the room exchanged gentle ‘hellos’ too. You recall I’m very practiced with children, and love to snuggle with my Puppy Raiser’s grandchildren.

COVID came along and stopped all our public outings and in class training by the middle of March. I’m pretty sure he could use some training with my Puppy Raiser too! Thankfully, we could still take daily walks and visit with my pals during Zoom online training classes.

I’ve also learned a few things about carpentry as we stayed closer to home. My Puppy Raiser built planter boxes on her deck and I assisted by helping her find the right tools. She says gardening in these boxes would be great therapy while we’re housebound. I did get in the way just a little, hoping we could build some new toys for me, too.

The best part of the past few months has been visiting our favorite trails, until we found one completely blocked by a humongous tree bigger than our house! Off we went to explore others and didn’t look back.

Last month my buddy and house-dog Charlie passed away. I miss her terribly. Even though she didn’t like to play much, she was always there to help show me the ropes in her special way. For a while, my Puppy Raiser and I would snuggle and fondly remember our dear friend. Everything’s ok now and I’m glad we can support one another.

On a brighter note, things are looking up. Small in-person training classes have JUST begun again. Only a couple of us train outside at one time and we’re excited to be together. It didn’t take me long to settle in and show off my skills. Everyone said I was awesome and hadn’t forgotten a thing.

Dog distraction is no longer an issue, and I can ignore kids on scooters and bicycles riding down our neighborhood street. Mr. Puppy Training Manager was so proud when he heard about my achievement. I knew I’d get over it. Be sure to check out BC & Alberta Guide Dog’s Trivia Summer Series, if you haven’t already. It’s lots of fun! The next one is a Music Fest theme on July 24 followed by a Travel Time theme August 14. You can register at I’ll be there singing “Tea for Two” with you! Every day is a perfect kind of Labrador day. No COVID-creature’s going to hold me back!

Thank you for supporting and cheering me on. I promise to write again in November!

Love to all, please be safe