Andy is strong. I’ve never felt a dog so strong, not even close. We waited a long time for Andy. Jaz was never going to be an easy match, and as the backlog of families waiting slowly got reduced, and Jaz aged, we knew it was going to be even more difficult. Jaz is 11. He’s strong, smart, impulsive, unpredictable, very fast, and he likes to bolt. Taking him anywhere required your eye, and often your hand, to be on him at all times. Some places we needed both of us there with him. Some places were so hard to take him that we’d basically given up. We both work, and we’d come home tired, worn out, and weak. Weak of body and of will, the will to hold his hand so firm in public, to constantly be pulling him back, the will to give Jaz the freedom he wants, with the safety he needs. Andy is strong. And he is calm. And he is patient. And he is always ready to work. I worried about tethering Jaz to Andy, whether the strain on both of them might be too much. But Andy is strong. He is strong of character. With Andy, I am strong of will, more calm, more patient. I thought that Andy was for Jaz. He was for us. When Andy is working, he is like a Canadian river, a tireless force, and as patient and attentive to every loon and swoon of the character of its bank. We go with the flow. When he is playing, with us or other dogs, he is the model of good behavior. He is always good natured, and always knows exactly how much of his strength he can use, and he always shares. Yesterday we walked through a neighborhood untethered. Jaz lovingly holding Andy’s jacket handle. Andy is strong. One day I hope to be as strong as Andy.