I am happy to share with you a short update about our Kidz4Kids sponsored Autism Support Dogs Team.

Caleb & Cory, whom you may remember were the 50th Autism Support Dog Team for the BC & Alberta Guide Dogs ASD program have now officially graduated!

Caleb is a 7 year old boy from Surrey, and one of three triplets, all of whom have been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. Caleb had a difficult start in life with many medical issues and a higher level of support needs than his brothers, which is why he was selected to be partnered with Cory.

The following passage is a wonderful update from Caleb’s mother Heather, regarding how his Autism Support Dog Cory serves as amazing source of support and comfort in school for Caleb, as well as for Caleb’s brothers and the whole family:

Cory will be joining Caleb and his ABA worker in school in November. I am not sure if I added that although Cory is Caleb’s service dog, Cory also supports Kaeden and Kaius in the morning, which is a difficult transition. Cory lays across their legs on the couch when they wake up, applying deep pressure which has a calming effect on the boys.

One of the challenges that many parent’s of kids with ASD often face include reduced opportunities for social interaction with their peers. In the last few months, Caleb has started to interact with his brothers, taking their hand and engaging them in play. In school, Caleb has a few classmates that will occasionally seek him out and walk around the school grounds with him, which is great for him socially, but is not happening as often as we would like. We anticipate Cory attending school with Caleb so that Caleb’s social interactions increase with his peers. I have had Cory come with me to work (I work at an elementary school), and many children are drawn to her. We are hoping that Cory will act as an icebreaker with Caleb and his peers, and that Caleb is less isolated.

Thank you again for all of your amazing support and for truly making a difference!

Our 12th annual Kitz4Kids fundraiser will be held January 18, 2020 once again at the amazing River Rock Hotel and Casino, and we hope that you will continue to come out and share an amazing evening while supporting this truly inspiring and worthy cause.

As always, we thank all of you for your generous support and hope to see you next year!


Eva & family