Here are some pictures of Grace on her many adventures. She absolutely LOVES hiking and jumping all over the rocks and logs everywhere. Shopping exhausts her very quickly from walking all over the place.

She loves car rides and will often roll onto her back and fall asleep with all fours in the air as we start driving. She gets brought along to all the teen adventures such as trips to cabins and spending the day on the boat or on an island or camping or cliff jumping and swimming and she is also living on the teen sleep schedule!

Bed time usually after midnight and waking up around 9 every day. She’s very cute and will often just look up at you just to watch what you are doing and listen to conversations, tilting her head at the noises. She’s quite the photogenic little girl and she absolutely loves food time. She also will often curl up and sit on your feet or fall asleep as far up your food as she can stay.

Grace is a beautiful name and it definitely suits this precious little girl.